Dr. Franklin Lamb: AIPAC and Israeli Spies Running US Sanctions!

AIPAC & OFAC Ratchet Up US Sanctions Targeting Syria and Iran's Populations. Dear Readers, the main title is mine. Decide for yourself when you finish reading Franklin's connecting of the dots whether I have hyped the story or not. To have high Treasury Dept officials, or even State Department ones heading over to the AIPAC to break bread with their fellow tribesmen as the deploy American taxpayer funding assets to work for Israeli and international Jewish interests I personally would consider a form or treason. For some reason no one seems interested in reporting them for this. Could that be because it is going on all throughout our government and considered just the costs of doing business like farmers dealing with droughts and floods. American media of course have abandoned us to our fates, and gone over to the dark forces to try to assure their own survival. Let's Cut 'Em Off at the Knees and Let Allah Sort It Out! Has American government become an Israeli occupied territory on any issued key to Israel? The US Treasury Department's Office of Financial Assets Control, sincw March of 2012, is directed by Mr. Adam J. Szubin who more has boasted on the sidelines of a Congressional Hearing on Iran and Syria and at last March's AIPAC's national conference, that he fancies himself a modern day Inspector Javert. Choosing the Victor Hugo character, according to one Congressional source, as a kind of role model because of Javert's focused and relentless obsession. Szubin has pledged the same with pursuing the financial interests of anyone on the planet that in any way violates the massive and still growing US led economic sanctions that are targeting the civilian populations of Syria and Iran. For last fall's Halloween party on the Hill, Mr. Szubin works closely with his mentor, David S. Cohen, a bit less so, some say of the Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. The two gentlemen often work together, and sometimes with friends located less than a 20 minute walk across the Mall below the US Capitol buildings at the AIPAC HQ. It is selected AIPAC staff, sometimes over a catered lunch, that they dream up and craft ways to cut off the financial legs and the lines of banking support for all terrorists. They also enforce US led politically motivated civilian targeting economic sanctions against rogue nations, read: the civilian populations of Syria and Iran, and even sometimes combat the financial support of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the latter only with respect to 'bad' countries like Iran, as opposed to 'good' countries like Israel. Has OFAC been penetrated by Israeli Intelligence? OFAC has been accused of taking orders from AIPAC, who takes orders from the Israeli Embassy, while for some reason it is not required to register and foreign agents, and whose offices reportedly flood Szubin and Cohen with memoranda on how to, as a sign two weeks ago above the printer in AIPAC's library read, cut em off at the knees and let Allah sort it out!

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