Jim W. Dean: Zimmerman Innocent, Huffington Post Wants Him Lynched!

Liberal Media, Expecting a Not Guilty Verdict, Tries to Ignite Race Riots. I got confused this evening when rebooting my computer and AOL came up with a breaking headline that Jurors find Zimmerman not guilty. I thought I had clicked on the link but a story came up about the jury asking for clarification. So I went back and repeated the process with the same result. On try number three what I finally found was a Huffington Post headline by Jermaine Spradley, yes he is black, which reads George Zimmerman Not Guilty: Jury Lets Trayvon Martin Killer Go? Ouch there brother Jermaine, I think you and AOL are reading off of different dictionaries regarding what the words Not Guilty mean. Your headline fit right in with the other who were priming the race riot pumps in anticipation of the prosecution's case going down in flames which we all watched happen this past weeks. We were shocked to see the judge try to taint the jury by slipping in the option of a child abuse charge in a last attempt to tag Zimmerman with something. I can't wait to hear what the jury's reflections are going to be about that. I expect them to be devastating. But pretend a journalist Spradley was not working alone this week on trying to stir up nationwide race riots. At least one top law enforcement official went public that they expected race riots if Zimmerman was found not guilty. I have been around long enough to read the tea leaves of signaling that it's OK to riot and attack random white people over the Zimmerman case because we will just blame it all on white racism. The case stank from the beginning with obvious stoking of racial tensions from the first day. All the public saw for a long time was a kiddie picture taken years ago of Trayvon. I did not see a real photo of him until the day about which I have shared with you today. He was not a kid, but a strong muscular young man who stood taller than Zimmerman. But the media got away with the overt mis-impression. I would guess that 99% of the public is still unaware that the police chief that was dismissed early in the case was actually the police chief for security in the school system. Why? Well when checking into our angelic Trayvon we find the chief decided to rig a nice decline in the juvenile crime statistics by ordering his officers to cut way back on student criminal reports being filed with the real police. When Trayvon cut class one day to rob a house a few blocks away, he was stopped and searched by a school police officer on a vandalism case where he had been caught on the school cameras tagging a locker with a magic marker. When it was searched his bag contained an above average amount of jewelery and a screw driver that could have been used to jimmy a cheap apartment lock. Mass media hid this photo as it showed how big Trayvon was, longer arms and taller than Zimmerman. It would have the public asking why the kiddie picture was used so long. We know why? Because it had all those little black kids wearing Trayvon identity hoods, that's why. It was a psy-ops, and it worked perfectly.

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