About our "wiki-leaked" documents re-Afghanistan:

In my "humble" opinion, and I say this as a former Intelligence Operations Officer for our 4th US Armored Division during our "Cold War", we should not become too excited about our country's faux-pas. Here, we are talking about a gang of crooks, supported by our CIA, who have no concept of honor, or their duty to our formerly great United States of America. We already know, because I had mentioned it on a previous entry, that Herman Goering, the Reichsmarshall and Luftwaffe Chief (The Luftwaffe was the air force of my former country, before the "evil" Russians, and their "running dogs", the evil Americans, forced my mother and I to become refugees, only to watch the bombing of the beautiful city of Dresden from a nearby hill. Somewhere in my sordid past, I yearn for my old hometown, and I sympathize with the plight of the Pakistanis as well as the residents of Afghanistan, who we are now fully prepared to afflict our struggling world with an even greater and much more destructive demonstration of the awesome weapons arrayed by the United States, as well as the Russian government, to assure the complete and utter destruction of all life forms on this tiny planet!

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