Now, finally: The Saakashvili Biggest Moron Award

Georgian "President Mikhail Saakashvili" has called on "military top brass" to build "total defense" and accused Russia of planning to "overthrow Georgian democracy." (as if there were such an animal). While he is apparently not concerned with the terrible tragedy confronting his "beloved" people, this idiotic "president" (yea, right!). Though Saashkvili advises his dismally incompetent and totatally inadequate military to : "burn each and every square meter of the Georgian land, " beneath an enemy if it decides to invades an fortunate country like Afghanistan, whose residents only want to be left alone. As a former idiot who wanted to prevent the possibility of another brutal war against the disgusting state of "Georgian democracy", as if it were actually a viable entity in our modern world. Meanwhile, the "Georgian Army" is gaining "experience" in Afghanistan. The participation in the military operation in that country is important from a geopolitical point of view and is a "good military school", according to Saakashvili. The "president's" speech may have been merely a military revenge against a great country, to which his tiny little spec of dirt may have become at odds with the fruits of his despicable and transparent denunciation.

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