US Representative Ron Paul: Our Bloated Intelligence Bureaucracy

In his weekly column, Ron Paul once again speaks about the excessive size of our government, and the waste and inefficiency of our military expenditures: Our foreign policy is not only bankrupting us, but also creating and antagonizing new enemies for our United States. Spending more and adding more unnecessary programs only leads us along the wrong path. Recently, the Washington Post reported about our bloated intelligence community (When I served as Intelligence Operations Officer of our 4th US Armored Division in Goeppingen, Germany, from November 1966 to August 1968, I was proud to belong to that unique community, and I still treasure the farewell silver cigar box November from the officers and ladies of the G2 Section of our Division, and the 504th MI Detachment). But I digress: The Washington Post found yjat an estimated 854,000 people hold top-secret security clearances, about 11,000 intelligence workers per al Qaeda member n Afghanistan. Ron Paul wonders - if close to 1 million people are authorized to know top secret information, how closely guarded are these secrets? Think it over!
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