Nick Turse's Excellent Reports on the Reality of our Wars

After a "surge" of 30,000 additional US troops for Afghanistan, General David Petraeus wants more, more, more, and he wants them now, now, now. The General has also requested 2,000 additional troops from NATO, and probably more from US reserves as well. "We" have launched a new US base-building binge in Afghanistan, including contracts for three $100 million facilities not to be completed or occupied until late 2011. Don't worry, though - it's only money, and very soon no longer YOUR money, and you'll be pleased that Kandahar (the capital of Afghanistan) will soon enjoy a TGI Friday, a Kentucky Fried Chicken, and a Mamma Mia Pizzeria. Unfortunately, there more US military generals and admirals than Al-Qaeda members in Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to enjoy this American cuisine, but we have continued to sink hundreds of millions of dollars into base improvements. Meanwhile, back in Iraq, the Balad Air Base has three large gyms, multiple shopping centers, recreation areas, and a movie theatre, not to speak of multiple bus routes and the usual range of fast-food parlors, PX's and the like. You'll be pleased to know that the base is still expanding, and on bases like this one the military continues to invest hundreds of millions in infrastructure improvements.
If you are wondering where your tax dollars are going -
Well, Sucker, now you know!

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