Will Russia retaliate against an Israeli "Nuqular" Strike on Iran?

Will Russia retaliate against an Israeli nuclear strike on Iran, and set off World War III? Though the Israeli government may be suicidal in it's desire to set off World War III, there may also be a few Israelis who have decided not to end their life just yet. Tel Aviv seriously believes that Iran "could" develop nuclear weapons based on the capacity of the Iranian facility near Bushehr. President of the Islamic Republic Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly keeps making threats to destroy Israel. The question remains: Does the Israeli government want to assure that their destruction will now be a "sure thing"? Therefore, the risk of causing a military strike on Iran is more relevant than ever. The US is trying to keep Israel from the immediate reaction to the launch of the Bushehr plant. According to the New York Times, Barack Obama's administration was able to persuade Israel not to attack Iran within the next year. They said that during this time Iran will not have time to build its nuclear weapon. However, Mossad "experts" believe that this Islamic state is able to acquire it before the end of this year, which means that no-one, not even the US can guarantee that its "ally" Israel does not start a "preventative" war. "Strike on Iran is feasible", believes an Israeli political analyst Avigdor Eskin. "We see that Iran continues to threaten us and moves toward the creation of nuclear weapons." Please click on my headline to read the complete story on english.pravda.ru

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