Petraeus: "NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan will be 'gradual'"

SO: No desperate flight from the top of our "embassy" in Kabul, to celebrate our dramatic helicopter flight from a building in Saigon, for which we are famous throughout the entire "civilized" world? When I left Vietnam, it was in a more dignified manner, after I got my ticket punched in a civilian passenger jet. Nevertheless, a dramatic escape can be fun, as I am certain "OUR" president knows so well. Asked about an exit date, Petraeus told NPR radio "the idea of some date out there is not unprecedented", mentioning past practice in Iraq, but the idea of an August date for a pullout is not a "lights out" moment he added in desperation. For those who had another impression, Petraeus stressed: "We just have to keep on explaining." This brings back fond memories of the "I love Lucy" Show, where her husband interrupts her to say: "You got a lot of 'splainin' to do. On the Taliban's inroads in Afghanistan's north, Petraeus said: "It's a process that has been ongoing for years." Our new friends, the Russians will tend to agree with that statement, since they had been fighting there for years, before our crude intrusion into the turf near their former colonies. Letting us gain a glimpse into his wisdom, Petraeus said: "It's not a conventional battle. It is slow process. You take steps forward but you also take steps backward," Petraeus told NPR. WOW, it's as if we were in communication with ALLMIGHTY GOD!! Please click on my headline to read the rest of this story.

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