The CIA, the KKK and the USA

By assigning covert action roles to our CIA, it appeared as if the White House and Congress had legitimized the KKK (Ku Klax Klan to operate globally. The CIA is today committing many of the gruesome crimes against foreigners that the KKK once inflicted on Americans of color, mainly because the CIA today resembles the "Invisible Empire" of the KKK which once spread terror across the south and Midwest. Aside from the fiery crosses, this is what the CIA is doing globally. The only difference appears to be that the KKK consisted of self-appointed vigilantes who regarded themselves as above the law when they perpetrated their crimes. By contrast, the CIA acts as the agent of the American government, often at the highest levels, and at times at the direction of the White House. Its crimes typically are committed in contravention of the highest established international law such as the Charter of the United Nations as well as the US Constitution. What's more, the "Agency", as it is known, derives its funding from from an imperialist-minded Congress, and it has no qualms about fattening its budget from drug money and other illegal sources. At one time in my Army career, even I was offered an opportunity of melting into their ranks, when Steve Mayfield, one of their agents, tried to persuade me to spy for the United States in East Germay. Steve and I were having a delightful dinner in the best restaurant in Germany, when Steve suggested that I spy for the CIA in East Germany. Of course, he referred to my boss, Colonel Aantero Aakkula, or whom I had an enormous amount of respect: The Colonel had once been involved in espionage in his home country of Finland. Talk to Aakkula, talk to Aakkula, was Steve's persistent message. My boss, who was like a father to me, was not amused: If you take that assignment, I can guarantee that you WILL be caught, and you will spend the remainder of your life in a rat-invested East German jail!

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