It's Official: The US Is A Police State!!

On September 24, Jason Ditz reported that the FBI has begun a number of raids against the homes of antiwar activists in Illinois, Minneapolis, Michigan, and North Carolina, claiming that they are seeking evidence relating to activities concerning the "material support of terrorism". Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano had earlier said on September 10: "We need to counter violent extremism right here at home. In that morning's FBI foray into the homes of American citizens of conscience, this means antiwar activists, whose activities Napolitano equates with "the material support of terrorism", or, as Vietnam era anti-war protesters were blamed with giving material support of communism. The federal police agency and the judges who signed the warrants do not regard anti-war protesters as Americans exercising their Constitutional rights, but, in the eyes of Napolitano, are charged with giving material support to communism. Basically, the FBI raids consider that any Americans who still choose to exercise their rights as citizens are merely despicable and unpatriotic elements offering material support to terrorism. My father, mother, grandmother, and I, who served as Advisory Team Leader in Vietnam, see a dangerous example, for the dangerous path in which Napolitani is heading.
Please click on my headline to see the full story on rense.com, by Paul Craig Roberts.

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