Michael Moore: Obama's War in Afghanistan is NOT funny anymore!

Wars are NEVER funny: My Mother, Grandmother, and I once died in the destruction of Dresden by US and British bombing attacks. In Vietnam, where I served as Advisory Team Leader in the Iron Triangle, my team and I were mortared every night, until I decided to retaliate, killing an old man, an old woman, and their grandson. Once a week, I had the pleasure of driving over a mined road from Trung Lap to Cu Chi, over a heavily mined road, but only after guzzling a lot of beer, so that I would not be able to feel the pain, should one of these amateurish go off unexpectedly. As Michael Moore suggests, we invaded Afghanistan nine years ago. Supposedly, we wanted to capture Osama Bin Laden, but he escaped from meeting and fighting our "modern" high tech Army. There is NO WAY we can defeat the Taliban - Like the Vietcong in Trung Lap, they enjoy too much popular support in the rural areas. Our CIA tells us that they enjoy too much support in the rural areas - in other words - throughout their country. The Taliban, not us, nor their "govern- ment" control that country. After nine years, we've only run the Taliban out of 3% of Afghanistan. Our troops, as well as their commanders, are still trying to learn the local language, the culture, and the customs of their local culture.
Please on Michael Moore's web site, and read: "A Senseless War Begins Its 10th Year". Michael will surely convince you that our war in Afghanistan is thoroughly hopeless!

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