The Dirty History of the Nuremberg Laws!

First of all: Let's look at the history behind the "so-called" Nuremberg Laws. By the way, if I really wanted to be technical, and I do. the city bombed to smitherens by the "glorious" Allies of that war were unfit to pass any criminal sentences after their destruction of the beautiful city of Dresden, which I saw burning from a hill 10km south of that city. The 1935 Nuremberg Laws, whose passage 75 years ago in Nazi Germany transformed Jews from citizens to inferior subjects, in the same manner that the Jewish state has dealt with the Palestinians, whose land the Jews are now continuing to occupy. Neither my mother, grandmother, or father, had any part in Nazi atrocities, yet they were punished by the "allies" as well. As we all know, Hitler is now dead, but a few of the Allies, who ordered their air forces to hunt us while our train barely allowed us to escape from Breslau. (Now Wroclaw, Poland) When we returned to Breslau, my Grandmother was, like most Germans, ordered to dig the graves of those German civilians who died there. She, and all of the other Germans who were forced to dig these graves were given no food, and only a very small amount of water by the Catholic Nuns, and most of them died in mass graves by our glorious "Allies".

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