Is Obama Insane? Are we really going to war against a Nuclear Power?

Unless "our" CIA is now involved in destroying our United States, that often rogue world power, which is apparently responsive to no-one, our country is about to be destroyed by Pakistan, which we have apparently helped to become a first-rate nuclear power. Right now, while you and your congress is asleep at the switch, the CIA is ready to beg, borrow, or steal any armed drone, which we normally use to destroy any civilian targets in Pakistan or Afghanistan - truly our tax dollars at work! Is our "government" really as stupid as they look: As John Wayne would have put it: "A reckon so, Pilgrim!" As the CIA's drone war escalates, so have airborne border crossings of a different sort. US helicopters are pursuing "fleeing" Taliban fighters as part of what the military terms armed "self-defense", once known as "hot pursuit" into Pakistani "sanctuaries" from which the Taliban is said to be conducting its own successful surge in Afghanistan. Afghan War commander General David Petraeus is now advocating "a more aggressive posture with Pakistan", and has been particularly supportive of the CIA drone effort. In other words, the blind are leading the blind, and no-one understands what's going on in our battlefield. Even our war in Vietnam wasn't as screwed up as that!

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