Yvonne Ridley: Monte Python's Dead Parrot!

After news filtered through that the Middle East peace talks had stalled and failed, we begin to realize that that Obama's "peace initiative" is even deader than John Cleese's "Norwegian Blue parrot. Of course, Obama is in complete denial - remember that "denial" is NOT just a river in Egypt! A gaggle of assorted journalists and travel writers from various assorted journalists and writers from various media outlets seem to agree! Israel is just over 60 years old, and in that time has never known a day of peace for itself and its neighbors, living in a state of advanced paranoia, always on a war footing, always threatening those who speak of peace. Their paranoid attack on those who dare to bring hope and help to those Palestinians who are continually being tortured by the "Jewish" state, is merely one small example of Israeli paranoia. The sinking of the USS Liberty, while I was the intelligence operations officer for the 4th US Armored Division in Goeppingen, Germany was merely another glaring example. As our commanding general told me during his reading of my cable about that tragic moment: "With friends like these, we have no need of enemies!" How much longer is our great country going to tolerate this rabid little nation? The moral of this event is simple: Nothing lasts forever! Empires and emperors come and go. Borders disappear and expand, and so will arrogant, vicious little Israel. Good Riddance!

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As Aeneas said when he descended into the nether world during his journey toward Rome: Easy is the descent into hell, but to retrace one's step and return to the air above: Here is the task, there is the difficulty. (Facilis descensis averno, sed revocare gradium et evadere ad auras, hoc opus, hic labor est!)