The Battle for Libya's Oil: Operation Extreme Greed!!

First of all, as Richard Nixon used to say: "Let me be perfectly clear:" Like most of our world's residents, I do need a certain amount of oil to make it to our place of work. But, both my wife and I do not anticipate placing the needs of the Libyan's before our own: Right now, our US and NATO are supporting an armed insurrection in Eastern Libya, with an intent to call it :"Humanitarian Intervention". Though we need their oil, to be purchased by our Oil Companies at a fair price: Heck, I have an MBA degree from my University of Texas at Arlington, and the concept of "fair price" was drilled into our feeble minds by Dr. Phil Lynch, a magnificent teacher, who made his humble students work like dogs for their degree. Since I had to work before going to evening classes, I spent many evenings in the UTA parking lot, typing my required essays on an old manual typewriter. But I digress: What we see in Libya is NOT a non-violent protest movement as we saw in Egypt and Tunisia: Conditions in Libya are fundamentally different. The armed insurgency in Eastern Libya is directly supported by foreign powers: The insurrection in Benghazi immediately hoisted the red, black and green banner with the crescent and star: The flag of the monarchy of King Idris, which symbolized the rule of the former colonial powers. At the same time, US and NATO military advisers and Special Forces are already on the ground: Are we now going to be treated to a rerun of our invasion against Iraq, just to get oil more cheaply, and thumb our noses at the indigenous citizens of Libya, to whom that oil rightfully belongs? Theft is theft, and any intention to call our invasion a "humanitarian" intervention will not pass a smell test in a barn full of swine.

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