Still in the Dark About 9/11: Ignorance is NOT Bliss!!

Bottom Line: A Jew by the name of Silverberg, since, according to "wikipedia.org", though the site is currently rebuilt with six new skyscrapers and a memorial to the casualties of the "attacks". If our "government" will allow it, though I would doubt their intentions, which would certainly NOT require a "jenius", especially one with the correct "j" spelling, to tell us what "our" government was attempting to "put over" on us, assuming all of us to be ignorant fools, like our recent president, George W., who would most probably be indicted and convicted under the "German War Crimes Law". Perhaps then, even Adolf Hitler will rest in Peace, though there are those who continue to doubt it - there is always that stuff about dressing dead Polish soldiers up as dead "attacking forces" against the "fatherland", George W. just warmed it up a bit. It must be said that Obama deserves credit to show the world that truth will triumph and justice will prevail when even the most dastardly offenders are given their day in court. But it is not the rights of the accused, important as they are, that should be the main concern here: Rather, it is the right - indeed, need- of the American public to learn the truth about the motives, financing and methods of those who "alleged" to have torn at the heart of our social fabric. What lead 15 solid citizens of our "ally" Saudi Arabia to hijack those planes under the direction of their Western-educated leaders is still murky. How did our allies in the war against Soviet communism in Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden and Khalid Sheik Mohammed, come to mastermind that savage attack on America? Actually, they did not: "Check 9/11 Truth for the complete answer!" It's Not Pretty!

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