Gadhafi Forces Reportedly Halt Rebels!

Forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi bombed the town of Ras Lanuf and brought rebel fighters to a halt as they attempted to move west, according to recent reports said: "Gadhafi is attacking us with planes, tanks, rockets and heavy weapons, but we are unarmed, civilians and many families and children were hit" according to one Ras Lanuf resident who spoke to BBC Thursday. The rebels had been advancing towards Sirte, Gaghafi's birthplace, from Ras Lanuf, an oil port, al-Jazeera reported, but according to Gadhafi troops, their army has brought them to a standstill Wednesday. The untrained anti-Gaghafi fighters had been able to gather a surprising amount of firepower, including Grad rocket launchers. As fighting continued, NATO defense ministers gathered in Brussels to begin two days of meetings headlined by the fighting in Libya. Ministers will consider how the alliance can respond to the disintegrating situation in Libya in case a call for assistance is made, NATO said in a release. One option being considered is whether to impose a no-fly zone.

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