Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley: Pack of Drills Preceded 9/11 Attacks

Historian Webster Tarpley has documented 46 drills conducted by "Western Intelligence" prior to the 9/11 attack, leading to the conclusion that the whole sordid affair was an "inside job". Inter -viewed by Press TV, Dr. Tarpley speaks with authority about our nation's "invisible government", a Wall Street US intelligence rogue entity he claims is really behind the significant attack that provoked war against innocent governments in the Middle East, and has already caused the deaths and displacement of millions of people. In his interview by PressTV, Webster Tarpley is quoted as follows: The fact is, the US government cannot tell the truth, cannot really come clean on this, because of what actually happened. In very crude terms, 9/11 was a war provocation spawned by the US intelligence community, which is part of an invisible government! Before the towers were attacked, 25 drills were held that morning. The purpose of these drills was to start the war against other civilizations, and start a war, beginning with Pakistan and Afghanistan, that continued with a war against Iraq! Now, as we can plainly see, it has been enlarged with a horrible attack against Libya and other countries in the same region. Colin Powell, when he was Secretary of State, promised a white paper within about a month, an act which never happened. Instead, we had the Kane Hamilton Commission, which has been a tissue of lies and perjury. Don't take my word for it: Kane and Hamilton know the truth. In a book published five years after the event, they admitted that top officers of the US Air Force had committed perjury in front of the 9/11 Commission. Though this was a major Federal, crime nothing was done about it.

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