Felicity Arbuthnot: Tony Bair's Vision of Eternal War-Iran and Syria Next? l

If you search the birthrate of babies in our world, you will find that there is a moron born every minute! I once worked for a man whose inconsistencies and delusions stretched the mind to a realm beyond confusion. Having laid down specific edicts as to aims and how they should be achieved, the following day he would yell at his staff for following them, and deny all knowledge of his instructions. One day an exasperated colleague hung a placard on the wall above his desk before he arrived. It read "You are never alone with schizophrenia." In my case the idiot was Major Dixon, my boss when I served as Advisory Team Leader in Vietnam, just North of Kontum, but I digress. On 9 September, the man under whose premiership the fantasy of Iraq being able to attack the West within 45 minutes, instrumental in the justification for invasion, was dreamed up, yet apparently so frightened, that he was smuggled in to the Chilcot Inquiry on Iraq, via a back door in January last year, called for regime change in Syria and Iran. As parts of Afghanistan and Iraq still smolder, daily, since Britain's enthusiastic endorsement of "liberation", Blair, who qualified as a barrister, sworn to uphold the law, told the London Times "Regime change in Iran would make me significantly more optimistic about the entire region." The West should be prepared to use force, he suggested, if Iran continued to pursue its nuclear ambitions. Iran has repeatedly denied having a weapons program, with the country's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei saying they will not develop nuclear weapons, unequivocally condemning them as un-Islamic. The IAEA Inspectors have said repeatedly that they have been allowed unfettered access to installations without prior notice. However, as the political pressure builds, they appear slightly wobbly. It has to be hoped they are not not again incorporating in their teams, those with other interests, as was the case with Iraq!

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