UN: Britain Violates International Law!!

Truth Commissioner Yves Cabannes, coordinator of the United Nations Advisory Group on Forced Evictions, has accused the British government of "infringing international laws." As Basildon Council authorities have remained steadfast in their determination to evict the Irish travelers from Dale Farm, human rights activists and British citizens have voiced their anger over the govern- ment's disrespect for human rights and international laws. Local authorities won an eviction order against Dale Farm residents when Britain's High Court rejected a bid to postpone the evictions. Basildon Council is required to provide the travelers with accommodation, but the residents have asserted that they have not been provided with appropriate accommodation. Local authorities are to clear the camp site forcefully, if the residents do not leave peacefully before September 19. Residents' mobile homes would be towed away, and the outbuildings would be torn down: "After 10 years, when we have exhausted the judicial process and made every effort to negotiate, we have no option but to resort to direct action to clear the site," said Tony Ball, leader of the local authority Basildon Council. Several human rights campaigners have asserted that the government's decision constitutes an act of racial discrimination against Irish travelers in Britain, which number in hundreds of thousands.

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