Jim Fetzer: Washington is Insane, Paul Craig Roberts!

The data about Assad's use of chemical weapons is fabricated by the same facility that made up the lies about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. Obama is walking George W. Bush's path. Here in America, no one will ever hear straight talk like this from the US presstitutes. Orwellian double speak is now the language of the United States government. Aleksey Pushkov. Chairman of the Russian Duma's Foreign Affairs Committee. In the 21st century the two hundred year old propaganda that the American people control their government has been completely shattered. Both the Bush and Obama regimes have made it unmistakenly clear that the American people don't even influence, much less control the government. As far as Washington is concerned, the people are nothing but chaff in the wind. Polls demonstrate that 65% of the US population opposes US intervention in Syria. Despite this clear indication of the people's will, the Obama regime is ramping up a propaganda case for more arming of Washington's mercenaries sent to overthrow the secular Syrian government and for a no-fly zone over Syria, which, if Libya is the example, means US or NATO aircraft attacking the Syrian army on the ground, thus serving as the air force of Washington's imported mercenaries, euphemistically called the Syrian rebels. The Red Line: Washington declared some time ago that the red line that would bring Syria under Washington's military attack was the Assad government's military attack was the Assad government's use of chemical weapons of mass destruction against Washington's mercenaries. Once this announcement was made, everyone with a brain immediately knew that Washington would fabricate false intelligence that Assad had used chemical weapons, just as Washington presented to the United Nations the intentional lie via Secretary of State Colin Powell that Saddam Hussein in Iraq had dangerous weapons of mass destruction. Remember National Security Advisor Condi Rice's image of a mushroom cloud over American cities? Propagandistic lies were Washington's orders of the day. And they still are. Now Washington has fabricated the false intelligence, and President Obama has announced it with a straight face, that Syria's Assad has used sarin gas on several occasions, and that between 100 and 150 of his own people, a euphemism for the US supplied foreign mercenaries, have been killed by the weapon of mass destruction. Think about that for a minute!

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