Roi Tov, columnist: $100 Million and 4 Guns!

Out of the north an evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land, Jeremiah 1:14. Hebrew mita'am literally means from flavor. It denotes a messenger, someone who is flavored with content given by someone else. A recurrent problem with Hebrew media is that it is flavored, it is conscripted journalism conveying the messages sent by the State. On June 2013, a media report on four guns stolen from a military base provided an awesome example of that. Golani Junction Upwards to Tiberias, Leftwards to Rosh Pina, The Route 66 Encyclopedia. Why the jugular is so far from the heart? Golani Museum Next to the Parking lot in the photo map above, IDF Soldiers Desert Mt. Hermon Stronghold IDF Commando Filmed Crapping on Friend's Head Faith in the Fog of War. Latrun Junction is Israel's jugular. In the 1948 War, it was the scene of a major victory of the Arab Legion against the IDF. Since then, it is a traumatic spot, see Reviving Burma Road. Capture it and you cut the link between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In its relentless preparations for war, Israel is upgrading the site now, adding tunnels, traffic lines, and a fast railway, see German Machine, Russian Workers and Israel's Largest Nuclear Shelter. Far from there, and in an unlikely place, is Israel's heart. A secondary junction that during a conventional war becomes the key point for the military, Golani Junction connects Haifa and the Coastal Plain with the Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights. Due to my past, I am stepping on very thin legal ice here. Let me emphasize that most persons passing through the site will be capable to make remarks at the level I will present here. Why Latrun is a vein, while Golani is the heart? It is impossible to ignore three very large military bases sitting next to this junction. Even if one doesn't recognize the function of the funky structures, the main gates are marked with clear signs disclosing their function. Regular military bases, but of overwhelming extension. Many air camouflaged, low structures of one of them can be seen for miles next to the road. Allow me to stop here. During a conventional war, the IDF must use this junction for moving reserves and equipment to the frontline. Block it, and the Golan Heights would return to Syria in less than 24 hours. Thus, it is not surprising that the site is facing an upgrade, the junction is nowadays in the process of becoming an interchange, a related work is the widening of the roads beyond the interchange area.

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