Preston James PhD: Snow Job Over The NSA!

Yes, the NSA is trying to pull a Snow-Job on the American people over Edward Snowden. It's time for the NSA to start coming clean and stop their misinformation, deflection ops to neutralize the disclosures of Edward Snowden who turns out to be a stand up man and another American Hero. The flimsy efforts of the NSA to cover up their misbehavior are a disgrace to America and show a total lack of respect for the American People. Yes, but what else is new? As soon as the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) reported that Edward Snowden claimed that the NSA was spying on all normal law abiding Americans with no warrants and then confirmed this, the NSA started up its misinformation Wurlitzer machine, spinning all kinds of psyops and misinformation stories. Instant confirmation for Snowden's story by the CMMM with no doubts expressed. The big mystery here is why for the first time has the CMMM decided to completely accept a whistle blower's story such as Snowden's story rather than playing their usual part to cover up such leaks? Why was Sibel Edwards ignored and so many others? Russel Tice, a great American Hero with tremendous courage and a deep commitment to keep his oath to the Constitution that he was sworn in with, went public back in 2009, but got no front page traction. Sibel Edward's story was pure dynamite but was strongly suppressed. Her testimony alone in a suitable grand jury could have eventually put away numerous USG officials and Congress folks for long stints in a federal prison for misprision of felonies, terrorism, mass murder, obstruction of justice, RICO, sedition and treason. Sibel Edwards is one of the greatest American heroes to ever live, and is of the quality of Gweneth Todd, who some believe single handedly stopped another Mideast Invasion that could have started a nuclear WW3. More on this instant confirmation of the CMMM later, but suffice it to say this suggests a significant shift in the power base inside the deepest control elements inside the beltway and the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). Some say that it is because the top MJ-12 boys are reaching the end and being pushed aside, with their personal powers waning by the day. Caught with their pants down, shifting blame becomes the NSA's game and they throw up a big Snow Job or smokescreen for cover and to project blame. Once this story broke as was automatically confirmed by the CMMM, the NSA began its work to dispense a big Snow Job to deceive we the people, and shift blame for their crimes to Snowden.

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