Dean Henderson: Banking On War!

On 3-19 sum of numbers equals 13, 2003 at 9:31, sum of numbers equals 13 PM EST in the 3rd week of the third year of the new millennium, the Illuminati oil mafia attacked Iraq under the banner of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The assault was conducted by US and British troops, with the Israelis receiving real time intelligence throughout the war. When Bush appeared on national television, he appeared before a black flag bearing an eagle clutching 13 arrows, representing the Hapsburg Spear of Destiny. Spain, whose monarch Prince is a Habsburg, joined the coalition of the willingfor the assault. The first task of the invading troops was to encircle the massive Rumaila oilfields in the south. Soon the northern Kirkuk oilfields were also secured. For all the pre-war talk of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction none were found. In May 2003, a group of former intelligence officials accused the Bush Administration of cooking intelligence data concerning weapons of mass destruction. The nine member Pentagon Office of Special Plans charged with skewing the intelligence was known as The Cabal. A brainchild of Zionist Undersecretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, The Cabal essentially supplanted the CIA in providing edited intelligence to the Bush White House. It's nine members were disciples of University of Chicago political science professor Leo Strauss, who was dissertation adviser to Wolfowitz and who once wrote, that the works of ancient philosophers contain deliberately
concealed esoteric meanings whose truths can be comprehended only by a few. This alerts one to the possibility that political life may be closely linked to deception. Invading Iraq had nothing to do with Saddam or WMD. As one Bush Administration official put it, After WWII, we thought strategically about what were the key industrial areas of Europe that need to be under Western control. If you start thinking about the Middle East in the same way, Iraq jumps to the front, because it is that nexus of oil, education, geography. Bush Administration NSA Senior Director for Near East and North Africa, Elliot Abrams, earlier point man in Reagan's contra effort, authored a proposal in December 2002, which called for US control of Iraqi oil after Saddam's ouster. Assistant Secretary of State Kim Holmes commissioned a proposal for the privatization of Iraq's economy, including the Iraqi National Oil Company. The study's authors Ariel Cohen and Gerald O'Driscoll concluded that the Process should include a massive, orderly and transparent privatization of the oil sector. As energy expert Paul Michael Whibey, formerly with the influential Israeli think tank Institute for Advanced Studies put it, In Post Saddam Iraq, I think we will see very significant additional volumes from Iraq.   

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