Roi Tov: Shocking Revelations on Muhammad al Durah Assassination!

The Assassination pf 12c year old Muhammad al Durah in the Netzarim Junction. Gaza Strip, on September 30, 2000, refuses to die.Even if not remembering the boy's name, no human heart will forget the images of the terrified boy hiding behind his father in a futile attempt to avoid the flying bullets. Second later, the boy is seen slumped across his father's legs. Nonviolent Resistance in the Second Intifada. Filmed by Talal Abu Rahma, the event was reported by Charles Enderlin of France 2 Channel, and reached worldwide resonance, becoming a key event of the Second Intifada. On June26, 2013, a judicial process related to the event reached its end in France. Today, July 9, Israeli Settler Channel 7, revealed shocking facts suppressed until now by the Israeli Administration.Jamal and Muhammad al Durrah. Nonviolent Resistance in the Second Intifada. Paris Court of Appeals Rules. The case wouldn't have survived 13 years without a judicial process keeping its fire alive. As often happens, the lawsuit was unrelated to the dead boy and his family. It was even conducted on a different continent. Philippe Karsenty, a deputy mayor of Neuilly sur Seine, who runs media watchdog Media Ratings, wrote on November 26, 2004 that the shooting scene had been faked by the cameraman, claiming that Muhammad had not been killed and that Enderlin and Chabot, France 2's news editor, should be sacked. The complex judicial saga that followed ended a few days ago. Karsenty was convinced of defamation and fined $ 7,000 by the Paris Court of Appeals. Reporter Charles Enderlin was born in France. A Jew, he got Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return and worked as Channel 2 reporter in Israel. Phlippe Karsenty is also Jewish. We was portrayed by Settler Chanel 2 reporter in Israel. Philippe Karsenty is also Jewish. He was portrayed by Settler Channel 7 as willing to help the IDF.In 2001, Israeli military officials stopped cameraman Talal Abu Rahma from traveling to London in order to receive the Rory Peck Award. They claimed this was due to concern for his life, this is an extraordinarily odd claim. Problematic Broadcast: Reaching court was probably expected by Chanel 2. After all, their one minute video broadcast had been heavily edited, and in a way that the fact could not been hidden. This can be understood, broadcasting the agony of the boy's last moments would have been violating his life for a second time. However, certain facts were concealed also by the IDF, which played an odd role in the entire affair. 

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