Editor Jim Fetzer: The Debate over 9/11 Truth:

Dick Eastman vs. Jim Fetzer. Dick Eastman and I are going to have a public debate over whether or not the Twin Towers were hit by Boeing 767s, which he claims is true but I deny. It will be held on The Mike Harris Show on Thursday, 18 July 2013, from 3-5 PM CT on the Rense Radio Network. So those who care about these issues may want to join us. It will be a two hour program with the time to speak allocated impartially between us about a crucial bone of contention regarding 9/11. As the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, it has been my fate to receive attacks from all sides, including the thermite sniffers, Steve Jones, Kevin Ryan, and their allies, but also by the plane huggers, including Anthony Lawson, and Dick Eastman, not to mention the members of the Judy Wood alliance, which displays the features that are characteristic of a cult. I am not claiming they are a formal cult, but behave as though they were, by having the mentality of those who are locked into a feeling of certainty, will tolerate no criticism and blindly follow their leader. The first group, the thermite sniffers, has been defeated by a series of articles co-authored with T. Mark Hightower, a chemical engineer, Has nano-thermite been oversold to the 9/11 Truth community? Is 9/11 Truth based upon a false theory? and Nanothermite: If it doesn't fit, you must acquit, which has been complemented by new research supporting the conclusion that the Twin Towers were destroyed by means of mini or micro nukes, including 9/11 Truth will out: The Vancouver Hearings II, Mini-Neutron Bombs: A Major Piece of the 9/11 Puzzle, and Mystery Solved: The WTC was Nuked on 9/11. The situation with the Wood's cult, which includes the dogma of DEWS, the sacred text, Where did the Towers Go?, a mystical leader Judy Wood herself, and a praetorian guard that viciously attacks anyone who questions those views, as 3,000 attacks on me for an originally 5-star review, now downgraded to 3 stars following The Vancouver Hearings, vividly displays, is more complex. While we disagree about how the Twin Towers were destroyed, key members of this group, including Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds, agree with me that no Big Boeings-757s at Shanksville and the Pentagon, 767s at the North and South Towers crashed on 9/11, which makes them allies on this aspect of 9/11, which makes them allies on this aspect of 9/11. Morgan was the first to make a public splash about no planes when he appeared on FOX NEWS 2008, which appears to have been a set up to discredit him when the anchor brings up the idea of no planes, given the videos the rest of us saw, as though any of us who deny that Boeing 757s and 767s crashed on 9/11 had not seen them. He did what he could on that show: More important, Morgan published a piece by Joe Keith, who was a software engineer who designed the on the ground shaker system for Boeing, who points out that the videos show the plane passing through its whole length into the building!   

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