The REAL Facts about Ahmadinejad's UN Speech

Yes, folks, we've been lied to again and again: This time it's about Ahmadinejad's UN Speech: The Iranian leader did NOT accuse the US of conspiring to murder thousands of its own people to create a pretext for launching wars as conveyed by the US media. In its Sept. 24 article about the speech, the New York Times headline read: "Iran Leader Says US Planned 9/11 Attacks". The first paragraph declared: "President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran made a series of incendiary remarks in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, notably the claim that the United States orchestrated the Sept. 11 attacks to rescue its declining economy, to reassert its weakening grip on the Middle East and to save Israel." In other words: "All the news that's unfit to print". On the basis of his alleged remarks, the US led 33 nations in a theatrical walk out from the General Assembly while he was talking, which most 'civilized' people would rightly consider rude, rude, rude. Finally, on Sept .25, the Times published a correction, which was probably inserted just under the newspaper's help wanted ads. The Times was one of many US newspapers , TV and radio news reports that suggested Ahmadinejad accused the US government of secretly instigating the attack. The actual text of the Iranian leader's speech should have read: "It was said that some three thousands people were killed on the 11 September for which we are all very saddened. Yet up until now, in Afghanistan and Iraq hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, millions wounded and displaced and the conflict is still going on and expanding." For the rest of his speech, please click on the heading of this correct report of the Iranian Leader's words.

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