A Venezuelan "Nuqular" Presence in our Backyard!

When will "Obama's" problems ever stop: Now, the Venezuelan nuclear program may be added to the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs in the near future: The announcement was made the other day by Hugo Chavez. Expert Vladimir Khrustalev spoke of the reasons for such intentions and the prospects of a nuclear project in Venezuela with Pravda.ru. According to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez: "We undertook this nuclear energy project for "peaceful" purposes, and no one will stop us. We need this program, and now we are conducting initial preliminary tests." According to Chavez, the program is "exclusively peaceful in nature", and his country's goal is similar to the existence of nuclear weapons in Israel, which refuses to accede to the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Chavez is considered by Washington as a major troublemaker in Latin America, which has traditionally been considered as the "American backyard". Though Chavez keeps stressing the peaceful nature of his nuclear plans, transformation of the country into a possible site for nuclear weapons might be offensive to Obama's yet undisclosed plans.

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