Charlie Sheen: A Man for all Seasons!

For many years, my wife and I have enjoyed Charlie's Show: "Two and a Half Men", and we have purchased almost all of the videos which are currently available for that program. Unfortunately, Charlie appears to be struggling to keep his outstanding show alive - hence his current web site, and my foolish attempt to give him a hand with his career: If you will enter "Charlie Sheen" in your browser, you are certainly going to find his outstanding web site, and be able to project his whirlwind tours of our nation. Besides his outstanding acting credentials in "Two and a Half Men" he has distinguished himself with a great performance in representing the dismal lot of the American Soldier, who must pay with his young life for the idiotic whims of our Presidents and General Officers. Before I left the home of my parents, near Lancaster, Texas, my father, who had served in Hitler's Army, warned me to place the needs of my men before thinking of my own welfare. Even though he had no great love for Hitler, he told me that there was an unspoken code in Hitler's officers, to put the needs of their men before their own welfare. He warned me, that if I could not measure up to their high standards, not to return to his home. Fortunately, all did go well in Vietnam, and I was able to report that I brought all of the men who served with me, NOT only alive, but also with all of their limbs in one piece. My documentation to that effect is at:

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