Japanese Government is In Denial over Fukushima Reactors

Speaking at a news conference to mark one month since the massive earthquake and tsunami devastated the northeastern coast of his country, Japanese Prime Minister Kan said: produce from the region around the Fukushima plant is safe to eat despite radiation leaks. In fact, from now on, people should live life as before the extreme disaster. To consume products from the areas that have been affected, is another way to support the area. "We should enjoy the use of such products and support the areas that have been affected. I ask you to do this." A spokesperson for the International Atomic Energy Agency agreed: According to him (or her), said that the latest food sample data indicates levels of contamination are below the limits set by domestic authorities. Denis Flory, IAEA spokesperson, also said yesterday Japan's nuclear crisis was not comparable to Chernobyl. When I served as Intelligence Operations Officer of our 4th US Armored Division, and later as Advisory Team Leader in Trung Lap, I must have become much more skeptical about the unwanted happy talk of our higher-ups. As I told my team: I am not buying their stories: One of our "geniuses" will give me a positive report of what is happening in this country, and those standing nearby will swear to it!

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