Dr. Michio Kaku: Hanging by your Fingernails- The Fukushima Meltdown

Hanging by Your Fingernails Indeed: There is no more poignant way to describe the terrible agony which those who are the guardians of Japan's future must feel, especially when the family offspring are threatened by the Fukushima disaster. Right now the disaster is "relatively" stable, if you can project that you are stable, hanging by your fingernails off a cliff, while watching your fingernails breaking one by one. As we know this disaster, so far the accident in Fukushima is progressing in three acts. First, is the earthquake and tsunami, which immediately wiped out all emergency cooling systems simultaneously at all three reactors, and ALL HELL has broken loose. Act II was the enormous damage done to the cores of these three reactors. With the loss of cooling water, temperatures began to rise rapidly, causing the hydrogen gas explosions and fuel melting. We know that about 70% of Unit I's core was damaged, and that 33% of Unit 2's core was also damaged. All computer simulations done by various laboratories all show the same thing - that we came perilously close to a full scale meltdown at all three reactors, including a spent fuel pond accident in Unit 4.

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