Joel S. Hirschhorn: Despicable Lies, Delusional Economic Recovery, Hyped Unemployment Numbers

Most Americans gobble up false and misleading information, which is nothing less than political propaganda. For example, Obama's hyped unemployment "data" for March, 2011, supposedly at 8.8 percent, though "praised" by the media and democrat politicians, does NOT fairly describe current unemployment figures! The REAL unemployment figures are actually 17.7 percent! Surprise! These false figures have been carefully crafted to underestimate actual unemployment in our United States: Gallup polling takes into account those who have stopped looking for a job, because they realize that under the Obama Administration there are NO jobs available, though some are working part time. Gallup polling includes those who have stopped looking for a job, as well as those working part time, though they would really like a full-time job! Our "clever", meaning "deceptive" government, does not reveal that the real number of unemployed workers is somewhere around 28.2 million, meaning more hardship and suffering for our workers than our "government" wants us to know about.

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