Fukushima is Much Worse Than You Have Been Told!

At this stage of the Japanese nuclear catastrophe, its all over but the crying: The global nuclear industry is trying to kill you, and Fukushima is their latest broadside, aimed on our entire struggling planet! The entire nuclear complex, from uranium mining to nuclear weapons, to nuclear electric generating plants, to research reactors, to so-called "nuclear medicine", there is nothing positive to say about our planet's current dilemma. Does any rational person seriously think that such such total destruction can be fixed or repaired? That it is only a question of reconnecting the electricity and turning the pumps back on? The reactors and spent fuel rods have been shredded. It's a war zone, and I mean that literally. The nuclear industry has turned this planet into a giant nuclear war zone that targets the entire human race, and Fukushima is its latest battlefield. Believe me, the situation is worse than bad, its worse than dire, it is history-altering horrific. A lot of people are going to die from what is happening at Fukushima, into the millions for sure, that is not in question. The only question is how many millions. If we are lucky, only one or two million persons will die, and if we are unlucky, well, things could get really grim, unimaginably hellish, on this planet we call home.

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