Who Wants WAR: Sweden Does!!

Sweden, though NOT a member of NATO, but with a relatively powerful army, wants to join the bombing of Libya! Who's a moron? Sweden's a MORON! Personally, I don't really LIKE war, having seen the bombing of Dresden by Britain and the United States from a hill, only a very short distance from the doomed city. My mother, grandmother, and I first heard the enormous vibrations from Britain's heavy Lancaster bombers, which flew so low over the farmhouse where we had sought refuge that a picture in a heavy frame bounced threateningly against our wall. When the bombers had passed, my mother, grandmother, and I ventured outside to see the damage to that beautiful city, now totally a sea of rubble. Since we had just celebrated Christmas in Breslau, I started singing "Stille Nacht", (Silent Night), while my mother and grandmother wept silently. For nearly 200 years, Sweden has been a neutral country. However, this neutrality lately seems declarative. Swedes (as well as non-aligned Finland) participated in NATO's "Partnership for Peace". NATO forces are conducting increasingly more exercises on Swedish territory. Two years ago, Sweden and Finland had agreed with members of the Alliance Norway, Denmark and Iceland on joint patrolling of maritime boundaries in the Arctic, and creating combined Navy and a rapid response unit.

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