Stephen Lendman: Obama's Terror War On Libya

Since WW II, America has gone to war as much to wage as win them, because so many profiteers benefit. The prospect of peace, in fact, terrifies government, military officials, and corporate predators, so new enemies must be invented when old ones are vanquished, are no longer of interest, or conflicts end for other reasons. Wars are solely for wealth and power, never about humanitarian intervention to liberate oppressed people, or promote "democracy." There are notions US leaders won't tolerate - in the case of Obama, doubling down on Bush, waging his Iraq and Afghan wars, fighting two others in Pakistan and Libya, another allied with Israel against Palestine, as well as proxy wars in Somalia, Central Africa, Yemen, Bahrain, Haiti, Honduras, Columbia, and at home against Muslims, Latino immigrants, and working Americans. Perhaps, now more than ever, at home and abroad, America always spurned honor, high-mindedness, justice, and rule of law principles, as well as respect for democratic values, human rights and civil liberties: "All governments lie, and nothing they say should be believed:" IF Stone. As we recall, candidate Obama pledged "hope", "change", "peace" "democratic values", closing Guantanamo in one year, ending torture, illegal spying, and detention without trial, as well as "a new era of openness" etc. etc. As President, Obama broke all of his "pledges" delivering betrayal instead of populist change. Make no mistake: His imperial ambitions are reckless, duplicitous, unscrupulous and lawless!

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