Michel Chossudovsky: Libya - Largest Military Adventure Since Iraq

Outright lies by the international media: Bombs and missiles are now an instrument of peace. The war against Libya is merely another regional war theater, like Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention Vietnam, where I served as Advisory Team Leader! We are looking at the battle for oil in the sands of a merciless desert. The bombing of Libya has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon for several years, as confirmed by former NATO commander General Wesley Clark: Operation Odyssey Dawn is acknowledged as the biggest Western military intervention in the Arab world since the invasion of Iraq began exactly eight years ago. This war is part of the battle for oil. Libya is among the World's largest oil economies, with approximately 3.5% of global oil reserves, more than twice those of the United States. The objective is to gain control of Libya's oil and gas reserves, in the guise of "human intervention". The geopolitical and and economic implications of a US-NATO led military intervention directed against Libya are far reaching: "Operation Odyssey Dawn" is part of a broader military agenda in the Middle East and Central Asia, which consists in gaining control and corporate ownership over more than sixty percent of the world's reserves of oil and natural gas, including oil and gas pipeline routes.

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