Those who object to a mosque near ground zero are a bunch of MORONS!

I don't give a damn what your faith is: According to our "Constitution", we are all equal under our law: Not the one pumped by our idiotic news media, but the hallowed treasure which separates most of us from the rest of our troubled world. Anyway, that's the one I, and my Advisory Teams fought for, and a few of us failed to return from that conflict without our limbs entirely intact.
But I digress: After my reasonably unspectacular return from that terrible war zone, and seeing one Chinese Adviser killed just a few feet in front of me: I did a lot of thinking. What are we REALLY fighting for? My wonderful black Sergeant, and Medic knew the answer: We are here, as always, to help each other survive for another day. I have no idea what you perceive a medic's job to be, but after a lot of bullets disturb the tranquility of your mission, he is the one who stitches your wounds, and does so under fire, so that you have at least an even chance to survive that particular mission, and so that you can earn your meager salary as an Advisory Team Leader. In that capacity, you have a lot of people counting on you: The tribesmen in your AO (Area of Operations), your team, and the assholes who want you to recover, and do it all over again. Please forgive my ramblings, but that is what war is REALLY all about.

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