The Withdrawal of US Troops from Afghanistan in June 2011 is Impossible

That is the sad news from US defense officials, who allege that there is a "misunderstanding" in comprehending a "complex, nuanced" message from Obama. There "may be"the "beginning" of a "withdrawal" starting in July, but in fact, the word "withdrawal" itself may not even be "optimal".
Indeed, US officials "prefer" to speak about the "process" and "transition", rather than "withdrawal". As all of our US citizens, who are not totally brain-dead are certainly aware, this carefully worded adventure in "double-speak" is par for the course for our current deceptive US administration, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates has already stated that there is NO precise date for the withdrawal of the US contingent from Afghanistan at all. Gates told ABC news: "Draw downs" early on will be of 'fairly' limited numbers, and will 'depend on the conditions on the ground'. Analyst Lisa Curtis at the Heritage Foundation believes that setting the pull-out date on July 2011 was a mistake (like the vote to elect Obama as President). President Karzai is one of those who will joyfully welcome our departure: Many of the 'Blackwater soldiers' have looted his country, and otherwise created a serious hardship for his Afghan people.

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