Are We Being Screwed by our Elected World Governments?

"Our" democratically elected governments are the result of the "intelligent manipulations of the organized habits and opinions of the masses, which are an important element in a democratic society", and the manipulators constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power in our country. During the First World War, our American tobacco industry hired Edward Bernays, the American nephew of Sigmund Freud, to send an army into the bloodbath of Europe. In his book, 'Propaganda' he developed the concept of public relations as a euphemism for the manipulation of the American masses. In 1954, he conjured a communist menace in Guatemala as an excuse for overthrowing the democratically elected government of that country, calling his devious act: "public relations". The American tobacco industry hired Bernays to convince women that they should smoke in public, calling cigarettes: "Torches of Freedom". Manipulating public opinion can be fun: According to President Barack Obama, because our TV screens are filled images of the last US combat troops crossing into Kuweit, we are led to believe that the Iraq war has ended, though in fact our soldiers are still there, and at least 50,000 troops will continue to operate from 94 bases. American air assaults are unchanged, as are assassinations by our Special Forces. Military contractors, who earn a lot more money than our soldiers, are currently 100,000 and rising. Most Iraqi oil is now under direct foreign control. In fact, there is no "victory" of any sort. There is, in fact, a catastrophic disacter, and attempts to present it otherwise are merely a model of Bernays' clever manipulations of television sound-bytes. Don't trust the American Media or Obama! They all work for the same lying propaganda machine.
Please click on my heading, to read the full story of our "government's manipulation machine". You can't cay you haven't been warned!

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Wolfgang P. May said...

Please go to http://www.alternet.org/module/printversion/148082 to read the full story by Joshua Holland, on Alternet