Obama's Iraq Speech: An Exercise in Cowardice and Deceit

According to Author Bill Van Auken, President Barack Obama's nationally televised speech from the White House Oval Office Tuesday night was an exercise in cowardice and deceit. It was deceitful to the people of our United States and the entire world in its characterization of the criminal war against Iraq. The groveling address could inspire only disgust and contempt among those who viewed it. Obama, who had presented himself as a "peace" president to our war-weary nation, used his status as president to glorify war, and the misery with which our great country had burdened the Iraqi people and our American military, which owes its existence to the American search for peace. Obama's double-talk about troop withdrawals was rhetoric befitting a military-ruled banana republic or a fascist state. Those who serve in our military do so voluntarily to help guard a world at peace for the volunteer soldiers and their progeny, and not to steal the resources of other nations for the benefit of mega-rich oil companies. Obama's Administration has no intention of ending our military presence in Iraq, but continues to build permanent bases, as the former Bush Administration had intended, in order to enrich mega-billion oil companies. After destroying the homes of ordinary Iraqi citizens as well as the infrastructure of that country, Obama reneged on his promise to remove our army from that country, and instead leave our army there to ensure that fifty thousand combat troops would remain in order to blackmail the Iraqi people into relinquishing their country's resources for the robber barons of this world. President Bush had launched a war against the Iraqi people in order to steal their oil for mega-billion corporations, and now we have sanctioned his outrage of laying waste to the Iraqi infrastructure by George W's invasion! SHAME, Mr. President!!!
Please click on my heading to read the entire well-written article by Bill Van Auken on Information Clearing House.

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