USS Liberty Survivor Threatened by Unknown Israeli

As I documented in a recent posting, I was the Intelligence Operations Officer of our 4th US Armored Division in Germany, when our so-called "Allies", the Israelis, decided to sink our Intelligence Gathering Ship, the USS Liberty. Many sailors died as a result of the treachery of our so-called Israeli "Allies". Since I was near our teletype, I was the first person to receive the bad news. Colonel Aantero Aakkula, our Intelligence Officer ordered me to run the information to General Scherrer, the commander of our division. Almost out of breath after the many stairs to his office upstairs, I handed the sad news to the General's Aide. General Scherrer looked up briefly, before he glanced at me again, and commented: "With the Israelis as our allies, we have no need for other ruthless enemies!" So now, one of these murderers of our sailors, a decorated war hero and survivor of the Israeli attack on our ship, is verbally threatened by a foreign national claiming to work for the government of Israel. Despite being subjected to threats over the years, Tourney has refused to remain silent concerning the attack on his ship and the subsequent cover-up. These threats have included middle-of the night night phone calls, where the names of his children and grandchildren have been read aloud, and he has heard what sounded like guns being fired a few inches from the phone's receiver. More recently, there were two occasions when the lug nuts on both of his trucks were loosened, resulting in both vehicles being totaled in crashes. Why do we still support the Israelis, when they feel empowered to kill those who survived their treachery so many years ago?
Please click on my heading to read the full story of Israeli treachery toward our great country at the American Free Press!

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