The evil that men do lives after them -the good is oft interred with their bones

Scott Ritter knows a lot more about the problems of Iraq than our former President Bush and our current one - Obama. In dealing with the legacy of the latter, he chides our current ruler, the one who promised us "change" you can believe in, and has not only disappointed those who were foolish enough to vote for him, but also the guardians of the heritage of the Nobel Prize, who mistakenly believed that he would be our "peace president". The Obama administration's so-called 'strategy' for Iraq lacks any discernible benchmarks for success. Void of any coherent concept of what "success" in Iraq might actually look like, the "withdrawal" of "combat troops" from Iraq can be viewed as little more than an ineffective attempt by a faltering president to improve his image - and that of his floundering party - on the eve of critical midterm elections. By continuing to place American troops American troops in harm's way in Iraq for no other reason than to prop up his domestic political image, Obama has compounded his mistakes in ways that allow his political viability to be questioned, tarnish his legacy and undermine America's image at home and abroad. Even the decision to attract big oil to Iraq was driven more by corporate greed than the genuine will of the Iraqi people, as witnessed by the Iraqi Parliament's continued inability to pass a national oil law.

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