Will our censored News Media Dare to air the Disaster in the Gulf tonight?

In my honest opinion, the huge web site by "Jeff Rense" is now the only site which dares to air the misdeeds of our rotten government. As always, Jeff is currently on top of the true scope of the health disaster caused by the BP oil spill. Currently, as Deborah Dupre writes in the Human Rights Examiner, whose site will be found at examiner.com, has aired a highly explosive news story, titled" "Censored Gulf Alert: Entire La. communities were vomiting blood." According to her story, there are "massive, massive disasters happening on any given day - rashes and other related (problems) related to the dispersants are becoming commonplace. There are entire communities in south Lousiana where "they are vomiting blood and passing blood when they go to the bathroom. Urgent support is needed for Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors to distribute TOXIC SURVIVAL KITS, to help the unfortunate Americans help to survive. On July 12, Dupre reported: "Chemical warfare on Americans in the Gulf Coast region and beyond has been planned and researched by the EPA, DoD and petro-chemical companies for decades according to government documents" (See Censored Gulf dispersant news: Act of war (PII) The art of chemical warfare. Examiner)

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