"Our" Department of Homeland Security now works for British Petroleum!

Our so-called Department of Homeland Security, which is funded by Americans, has been spying on people who don't like gas drilling, and is handing the resulting data to the oil companies. According to recently leaked documents, the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security has been using high-tech tracking of anti-gas drilling groups and their meetings. It has then sent bulletins to gas companies drilling in the Marcellus Shale. The local State Homeland Security Director James Powers said the Oil Companies needed to have all the data because there have been "five to ten" incidents of vandalism around the state related to the natural gas industry. He said that the briefings are sent to local "coppers" and the owners and operators of "critical infrastructure". However, once the information has been sent to the oil companies they have been sharing the data and publishing it on pro-drilling sites and disseminating the information among anti-drilling activists. He was quoted as saying Homeland Security wanted to continue providing support to the Marcellus Shale formation natural gas stakeholders, while not feeding those groups fomenting dissent against these same companies.

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