How the Military Brass Trampled the Constitution

Who should be the "deciders" in our "democracy", to paraphrase the vernacular of our previous "president" George W. Bush? Obama is not really qualified in that capacity, though some of his speech writers seem to cast him in that light. Were the military really attempting to "force" President Obama to escalate the war in Afghanistan? As I recall, their leaders were not the ones we voted for in the Presidential election. The war-mongering political class has called for presidential and congressional deference to military demands since Hollywood movies and anti-communist ideologues began countering the public's "Vietnam Syndrome" by blaming that quagmire in Southeast Asia on elected officials. Ronald Reagan asserted in 1980 that Vietnam was not lost because of flaws in mission or strategy, but because politicians allegedly forced soldiers to fight "a war our government was afraid to let them win." Since I was there, I am here to testify that those were not our problems at the time. In reality, the bastards just beat us, despite our modern weapons and our firm resolve. By meekly agreeing to McChrystal's demands, Obama let Americans know that when it comes to foreign policy, the rogue general is in control in the White House.

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