Support Canada's Bill C-440: Let War Resisters Stay in Canada

Canada's Bill C-440, an act to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of war resisters, was introduced by MP Gerard Kennedy, and seconded by MP Bill Siksay in September of 2009. Debate on Second reading for the bill will resume on September 27th 2010. If passed, Bill C-440 will allow US Iraq War resisters to apply for permanent resident status in Canada. I can personally recommend a life in Canada, since my parents and I had lived there for at least five years, first in the picturesque town of New Liskeard, in the heart of the beautiful "Canadian Shield" on a lake right across from Quebec province, where my father was able to find satisfactory work in the local print shop. Although the pay was somewhat meager, his job came with a beautiful house on a hill near that town. On weekends, we would stroll though the forest around our house, along the bear and Moose tracks. One year later, my father found employment in Toronto, near the huge Lake Ontario, where we enjoyed our sailboat that we had brought with us from Germany. If our war resistors choose to live and find employment in Toronto, I can not recommend a more beautiful site on which to raise a family.

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