Will Russia help NATO fight its War in Afghanistan?

The British Guardian newspaper has hinted that Russia might choose to become an active participant in OUR never-ending war in Afghanistan. Our former "enemy" may be asked to make that participation in our endless war during the upcoming NATO summit in November, where Russian President Medvedev is expected to participate. The role of Russia might include the training of Afghan pilots, as well as NATO's cooperation with Russia on its border defense. Russian helicopters appear to be better suited for the war in Afghanistan than the ones owned by NATO. As British media outlets now report, 21 Russian Mi-17 transport helicopters might be available by the summer of 2010. Afghanistan was the center of the "cold war" from 1979 to 1988 because the West actively supported the Afghan opposition in its struggle against the Soviet Army. The Soviet newspaper 'Pravda' asked Igor Rodionov, the Soviet commander of their army in Afghanistan from 1985 to 1986 about that possibility: "Helicopter deliveries mean that Russian pilots and technical personnel will also be needed there. Because Afghans can not be trusted to protect the Russian crews, even more Russian soldiers will also be needed to provide the necessary security. The West called us an 'enemy', and still thinks us in that light. At the time of our struggle to pacify Afghanistan, we were looked as an enemy of the West, and still are". Please click on my headline to read the full story of Igor Rodionov, so that we no longer see that justifiably bitter old man as the "enemy" he once was!

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