What do our Upcoming US elections mean?

Stanislav Mishin, who has lived in our United States for a very long time, made it his business to speak with several American friends and acquaintances about the new "Hope" and "Change", which mainly means the Hope and Change of our Republican Party. The Republicans may win the majority of both houses of Congress, but it will be a narrow majority. The exiting Democrats are prepared to push through as many laws as possible before they are replaced. Though the sitting Republicans could help to stop this, this seems unlikely, because their opposition has always just been political theater for the masses. Though the Republicans will now have a sufficient majority to override a presidential veto, believing that they will act conservatively is a delusion, but just political theatre for the masses. Then, there are the principles on which these so-called conservatives are coming to power. Sure they want to cut spending, but on the citizens who are already unemployed: In fact, they will be the hatchet men for the Democrats, while continuing to spend on foreign wars. They will continue to spend, and bomb and bomb, though on slightly different targets, while actively supporting Islamic Jihad against Christians throughout our world. They will not bring factories or jobs back to the United States. As "free trade" zealots, they will not bring our factories or jobs back, which is the only way to hold off the continuing collapse of our US economy!

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