The "IMPOTENCE" of Elections!!

What REALLY happened in OUR United States "elections" on November 2 ??Jobs offshoring, which began on a large scale with the collapse of the Soviet Union, has merged the Democrats and Republicans into ONE party with two names. The Soviet collapse changed attitudes in "socialist" India and communist China, and opened those two countries, with their large excess supplies of labor, to Western capital. Pushed by Wall Street and Wal-Mart, American manufacturers moved production for US markets offshore to boost profits and shareholder earnings by utilizing cheap labor. The decline of the US manufacturing work force reduced the political power of unions and the ability of unions to finance the Democratic Party. The end result was to make the Democrats dependent on the same sources of financing as Republicans. Prior to this development, the two parties, despite their similarities, represented different interests and served as a check on one another. The Democrats represented labor and focused on providing a social safety net. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment insurance, housing subsidies, education, and civil rights were Democratic issues. Democrats were committed to a full employment policy, and would accept some inflation to secure more employment. The Republicans represented business, focussing on curtailing big government in all its manifestations from social welfare spending to regulation.

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