Quantitative Easing = Quantitative Screwing by Mr. Bernanke

The economy is either growing slowly, or contracting. Housing is probably going down. Unemployment? People are gradually beginning to realize that the last ten years were the worst for creating new jobs in America's history. If our citizens REALLY think about it, they will realize that it is not just the bust that is destroying jobs - there was something very wrong with the boom too. (Perhaps Obama had warned us when he told us, before his unfortunate election, that "change" will be imminent, if we choose him as "our" president. Well, he did help our weapons and munitions industry, by accelerating the war in Afghanistan. At least our weapons manufacturers, and those who work for that grisly section of our economy still has a job! But I digress: Meanwhile, the markets are still calculating, figuring, deciding what things (except for weapons) are worth! In the last couple of days, they've been thinking that maybe stocks and gold got a little too uppity: Gold has lost more than $50 in the last two days. Stocks lost ground on Tuesday, but bounced up 36 points recently. The New York Times reports that many of Japan's middle class see their living standards crumbling with the overall economy. As you can see, our country is not the only one suffering because of our insistence of pursuing wars instead of peace! Have a good day anyway, and I mean that sincerely, but the US Dollar is Doomed - ask Mr. Bernanke! By the way, I got my MBA at the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, on the twenty-first day of May, nineteen hundred and seventy-six! At the time, the Graduate Dean was Bob F. Perkins, the Chancellor Charles A. Maistre, the President WH Nedderman, and the Chairman of the Board of Regents, Allan Shuvzer (Illegible handwriting)

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